AltaCast 1.1

AltaCast Standalone 1.1

AltaCast Winamp 1.1

AltaCast 1.1 for Foobar 1.3.9

Patched to stop crash on multiple CPU platforms.
Fixed bug where application would not start without AAC codec in directory

If you want to stream in mp3 or aac, you have to get your own encoders as they cannot be distributed by me.

You can get the latest lame_enc.dll for mp3 here and

the latest aac libFAAC.dll for Win32 here

Just unzip the archives and drop the files into the AltaCast directory.

Beginning with AltaCast 1.1, you will need the C++ 2010 runtime libraries to run AltaCast

NOTE: AltaCast uses a third party Bass Sound Library that is not associated with this project in any way.

AltaCast 1.0

AltaCast Standalone 1.0

AltaCast Winamp 1.0

AltaCast 1.0 for Foobar 0.9.x

AltaCast 1.0 for Foobar 1.x

You will need the C++ 2005 runtime libraries to run AltaCast 1.0.


Source Codes

The AltaCast source codes are now on GitHub.

The RadioDJ Encoder software is CLOSED as it is a different project.